Cerlingo Candidate FAQ

+ I got an invitation to take a Cerlingo challenge. What is it?

Cerlingo challenges are subject area specific translation skill assessments. You have been invited to take the challenge to demonstrate your translation ability on some small translation assignments. You will be presented with a few questions that will require you to translate some passages within a given time.

+ Can I open the link now but take the challenge later?

Yes, you can open the link and read the introductory information. If you have not pressed the "Start the Challenge" button, you can leave and come back when you are ready. Once you have started the challenge, you will not be able to stop the timer.

+ How much time does a Cerlingo challenge take?

Challenges can take up to one and a half hours. The exact length is set by your recruiter and depends on the number of tasks set. Keep in mind that once you begin the challenge you cannot stop the timer.

+ What sort of texts will I translate during the challenge?

Each challenge consists of several passages that you are required to translate or correct (usually 50-65 words each). Passages differ in difficulty and scope within the specified subject area. Follow your challenge link now to view the number of passages in your challenge and its duration.

+ How will my translation be assessed?

Your translation will be examined for accuracy and time efficiency by our assessment panel. Errors we look for include wrong or inconsistent use of terminology, inaccurate translation, incorrect addition/omission, grammatical errors, stylistic errors and spelling and punctuation errors. The outcome of the assessment is communicated to you and the recruiter that invited you.

+ Will I get any feedback?

You will only get feedback should you fail a written translation, editing or proofreading test.

+ Do I have to take the challenge immediately after receiving an invitation?

You should take your challenge within the next day or two. If you need to delay your challenge, contact the recruiter that invited you.

+ Do I need to install any software?

You only need a supported browser. You don’t need to install any applications or browser plug-ins. The Cerlingo interface contains a translation editor that provides everything you need to complete the challenge (you can translate, revise and edit before you submit the final answers). You may use external glossaries or other aids if you need to.

+ What browsers are supported?

Chrome ≥ 45, Firefox ≥ 45, MS Edge ≥ 12.10240, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Opera ≥ 40, Safari ≥ 9.

You must use a supported browser for the challenge. If we detect that you are attempting the challenge on an unsupported browser, we will tell you.

+ Can I modify my answers before submitting them?

Yes, you can click “Back” to revise or modify answers to previous questions, but be careful of failing to complete the challenge within the set time. Also, when taking a comparative editing or proofreading challenge, be careful not to introduce errors that were not there.

+ I passed the initial MCQs, do I need to take the written translation challenge?

Passing the initial MCQs is not sufficient! It only verifies whether your translation skills are sufficient to sit the main written challenge. You will need to take the written challenge to demonstrate your translation skills and time effectiveness to meet the required standards to work on substantial projects for which the recruiter has invited you.

+ May I consult a book/website/colleague?

During the challenge you should work on your own; you may not consult anybody. You may use books and websites unless your recruiter explicitly tells you not to.

+ Can I use my own Editor or CAT tool?

Yes, you can write your answer in an editor of your choice and paste it back into the Cerlingo interface. However, you will not be able to select and copy the challenge questions.

+ Will I be scored on style?

Cerlingo assesses your style to ensure that the target text matches the style of the source text or the instruction provided.

+ Can I save my translation?

Cerlingo saves your translation automatically. If you close the browser window and open it again, you will resume where you left off. When you have answered all of the questions and you are sure your answers are ready, click the "Submit" button. Note that you won’t be able to modify anything after that.

+ What if I run out of time?

As soon as the time runs out, Cerlingo saves your translation and assesses it.