Cerlingo Recruiter FAQ


+Why Cerlingo?

It is said that “the proof is in the pudding”! If you want to deliver flawless language projects, you'd better make 100% sure that your delivery team are qualified and not just claim to be so. The best companies use competency testing before they hire to ensure they get the best talent. We are experts in language competency testing and have tested over 10,000 translators, bilingual editors and proofreaders in over 30 language combinations. We do this so you can focus on, and be successful in, your core business.

+ Who assesses translation competency?

Our assessors are native language professional examiners and academic teachers/lecturers from top universities around the world.

+What tests do we provide?

Pre-Screening: a 5 minute test to ensure that the candidate is a native speaker of the language and a translation professional. This is a highly intelligent, automated test.

Translation – A timed test that ensures the translator is highly competent in translating documents in the selected subject area and language pair. See "Subject Areas" for details.

Comparative Editing – A timed bilingual editing test for highly competent translators who have demonstrated capability in identifying and rectifying weak/inaccurate translations, inconsistent usage of terms and factual data.

Proofreading – A timed monolingual test for the most diligent proofreaders to identify and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, style and inconsistent usage of terms and context.

How To

+ How do I create an account?

Once you select a Subscription Plan and follow the steps, your account will be created and you can begin assessing your linguists.

+How to assess candidates?

Login to your dashboard, select the language pair, type of test, Area of Expertise and test name. Enter all email addresses separated by a comma and click invite. E.g. test@test.com, test1@test.com, test2@test.com.

+ How do I view how current tests are progressing?

On your dashboard, the “Invite History” tab will show what tests are currently awaiting marking. Their status will either be:

  • Pending – This means the test has not yet been taken by the candidate
  • Awaiting – This means the test is awaiting marking

+How do I view previous test results?

Log into your account, click "Test Results" and all previous candidates will be displayed here so you can see who passed and who failed.

+How do I upgrade my Subscription Plan?

Select a new Plan from the homepage and follow it all the way through. You’ll get to keep all your old credit and be upgraded to the features included in your new Plan.

+What is the Online Directory?

The online directory includes all linguists who have obtained a Cerlingo Certification proving their competency. If you subscribe to a Plan including this, you will get access to all Cerlingo Certified translators.

+How can I view my current Plan details including remaining credit and purchase history?

Go in to the “Account” menu in your dashboard and select the “Plan” tab. Here you can see current allowances along with your purchase history and payment receipts.

+How can I edit my account details?

To edit your account details, please go to the account page, select the “Settings” tab and click "Edit".

+How do I request a language pair?

We provide our clients with assessments for the most in-demand language pairs in the industry and can also meet any required language needs upon request. Please email for language pair requests.

+How long does it take to mark assessments?

Our turnaround time is up to 5 days.

+How do I request a custom test?

If you require a tailor made test for your specific industry please contact .


+Question unanswered?

If your question has not been answered here, please contact us at .